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  • 2021 Annual Review

    A review of 2021 and a letter to myself in terms of learnings, progress and what future holds for the next chunk of the journey.
  • Google clone

    A clone of a Google website that is built with Next.js, Tailwind, Google Search API, Hero Icons and hosted on Vercel. The purpose was to practice and test external API fetching and styling the results.
  • Keep calm and let AWS do the scheduling for you. This article is about using AWS services to periodically schedule your jobs. Some of the use cases where such a type of scheduling is required include sending timely notifications to users, checking the status of a task, etc.
  • App retargeting introduced a new way how to reengage users in mobile apps which was not previously easy. In this article I briefly outline how it compares with user acquisition, various segmentation options and benefits.
  • Most of us believe that we are unbiased and ethical. Right? But research says that we all are biased in one way or other. We tend to pass biased comments without even realizing. One of the prominent biases at workplace is unconscious bias.
  • Do you often forget tasks on your way like bringing milk while returning from office? Taking your bags from car while going to grocery store? And hate travelling back again to complete things you forgot?
  • I got the opportunity to be a part of Google Techmakers Scholarship Program 2017. I am writing this post to share the details and my experience so that we can together come up with a diverse tech community and make an impact.