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Do you often forget tasks on your way like bringing milk while returning from office? Taking your bags from car while going to grocery store? And hate travelling back again to complete things you forgot? Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone could remind you whenever you’re around the grocery store? If yes, you have come to the right place.

You need to plan your tasks efficiently in a timely manner using Task Nearby app. It offers elegantly designed, easy to use, and highly personalized location reminders. Now, you need not worry about your tasks because the app will auto-magically take care of everything. Awesome, right? The best part is it’s reliability. I have tried many such apps but this app has never missed a reminder, and I did try a dozen of them.

How? You just need to enter your task in this app. Let it be, buying groceries. Now, this app will automatically remind you to buy groceries whenever you are near(say within 75 m of) your grocery store.

Some of the features I found amazing:

  1. Customization of tasks: You can set reminder distance, deadlines, attach notes and images for each task independently.
  2. Full control over reminders: You can control everything about reminders -alarms, notifications, snooze times, alarm tones and even vibration.
  3. Voice alerts: Enable them while driving and the app starts talking to you. Perfect!
  4. Power saver mode: Don’t want to use GPS but still want reliable reminders? Just turn on Power saver mode and save battery. Simple!

Here’s what others think about this app:

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All in all, it’s an awesome app that allows me to stay tension free and maximize my productivity. Try this and never forget anything!

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